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August 4, 2023 - Message from the Receiver

As of June 27, 2023, all of the Defendants in the criminal matter USA v. Scott A. Kohn, et al (6:19-cr-239-BHH) have pled guilty and been sentenced.  While the criminal case was pending the Receiver's staff was continuing their work to investigate, recover and control assets that have accumulated since April 2019.  As part of that effort the Receiver filed over one hundred lawsuits and continues to recover and liquidate assets. Currently, the Receiver's staff is preparing a Proof of Claim form ("POC") to be submitted for Court approval.  Once the Court enters the Order to distribute the POC form, it will be sent to each known victim via USPS with instructions.  The POC will also be available for completion via this website.  We understand that this has been a lengthy process and we thank you for your continued patience as we begin this next phase.